Will I see you in DC?

I am part of a 3-person panel speaking at the Grant Professional Association National Conference. Look for us in DC on November 8!

Our session, The Theory of Evolution: Planning for growth and sustainability in your consulting business, is a cute title, but the implications are serious. Geared to senior and mid-career grant writing consultants, the session can actually be applied to any profession, and to staffers as well as consultants. Longevity in a job — or a profession — is a global enough concern for staffers and consultants alike, that anyone could find value in our session. 

My panel will be sharing lessons learned in our businesses that would help anyone who may feel their job is getting “stale,” or any business owner who feels their firm is growing out of control (or not growing fast enough). When we talk about the “business plan,” full-timers can just substitute the concept of “career plan.” When we share best practices on marketing, these can apply to small one-person shops, as well as to large conglomerates. The takeaways we will offer on sustaining a business (or career) will be of value to those close to burnout, as well as professionals still figuring it out.

I hope those who attend will post on their favorite new idea from The Theory of Evolution! Hope to see you in DC!

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