The relationship between Grant Professionals and the non-profit Board

Grant pros and non-profit boards can help each other; they can open doors to possibilities that neither can accomplish single-handedly. Carolyn will direct you through the right way — and the wrong way — to work together towards a common goal. This two-hour session offers tactics and strategies to become each other’s advocate to the betterment of your agency.

Perfect for non-profit board members and grants team members to take together. Call 614.218.5440 for pricing and to schedule your in-person or online session. Private sessions available.

Students learn:

  • Strategic approaches to navigating the often-complex relationship between the Grant Professional and the Board of Directors
  • Building professional expertise as a grant professional in the area of board relations
  • How to “coach up” to nonprofit management staff
  • Educating leadership and the board about the grants process
  • Preparing and encouraging the board to become a helpful part of the grants process