Steps to grant success: a series, Part 5


Writing a grant application? Great! Have multiple proposals due in a very short period of time? Great! — but frantic!

Today I am sharing a strategy to mitigate the stress of multiple deadlines and high output by your grants office. It’s called the CASE STATEMENT. It’s a simple step-by-step process that can prepare you for when multiple deadlines loom.

STEP ONE: Create a document and name it CASE STATEMENT. You can change it later as you see fit.

STEP TWO: What questions do grant applications always ask? Go to your major funders’ applications, find those common questions, and dump these in your newly created doc.

STEP THREE: What outlier questions are your funders asking? Add those to your CASE STATEMENT doc.

STEP FOUR: Go to the grant applications, LOIs, or other writings you are most proud of, where you speak the most succinctly about your organization and programs. Pop in the best answers you have composed along the way to your CASE STATEMENT doc under the appropriate questions.

STEP FIVE: Repeat as needed for general operating requests, program requests, and capacity building. Many questions will overlap, so this starting point will make all the CASE STATEMENTS to follow a fraction of the work.

STEP SIX: Relax! Because you are now prepared to handle multiple requests for proposals with maximum efficiency, and minimal stress!

I hope this series has been helpful to you — whether you are crafting your first grant proposal, building your grants office, or are a seasoned grants consultant. Next up: a discussion about non-profit boards, from a grant writer’s perspective. Look for my blog, coming up next week!

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