Raising Awareness, Raising Funds offers full evaluation of your fundraising strategy
and is able to assist you with all aspects of your organization’s development scheme.


  • Funder Research
  • Grants Calendar Set-Up & Management
  • Proposal Development
  • Complete Proposal Writing & Editing
  • Budget Development
  • Reviewing & Editing Your Proposal Draft
  • Final Report & Program Evaluation

Grant Writing

With a particular strength in grant writing for organizations in the arts, historic preservation and community development, nature and the environment, I can target appropriate funders, help develop and strengthen programs, and write competitive proposals that win.

Through incisive interviewing, intuitive understanding and exhaustive research, coupled with over 25 years of professional writing experience, I can develop grant proposals that answer the needs of your organization.

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For the small non-profit just starting a Grants initiative,
I suggest following the steps below to develop a strong program that grows logically, doesn’t overwhelm your team with work or overshadow their current successes, and builds on your organization’s strengths:
STEP ONE, Prospect Research

Armed with details on your organization, I conduct Prospect Research, using multiple robust databases. You end up – not with an info dump – but rather with a dashboard of prospects that have been truly vetted from searches of multiple sources. Detail sheets accompany each entry.  

STEP TWO, Relationship Building Begins

With research complete, it’s your turn to reach out and start building that relationship with the identified funders. I furnish you with a script to ensure you start your relationship on the right foot and learn everything necessary to complete a successful grant application. I offer role-playing exercises to get you comfortable with different scenarios.
STEP THREE, The Case Statement

While you make your calls, I prepare a Case Statement database for easy completion of narratives and submittal of winning proposals. If you have grant proposals “in the can,” I strengthen them. If you don’t have grant proposals, I create them, writing answers to stock questions from your most likely funder prospects. 

STEP FOUR, The Grants Calendar

As the Case Statements are being built, I also build a Grants Calendar, so all deadlines can be prepared for and accommodations can be made for funders without deadlines. Your Grants Calendar is a living document that helps with planning for heavy and light periods in your year.

STEP FIVE, Your Grant Initiative Takes Off!

At this point, you have all the tools you need – vetted prospects, a grants calendar, case statements – to either hire a consultant to carry though your grants plan, or take on the job internally. This Grant Consultant recommends handling grant reporting internally, since it represents an opportunity to steward the relationship with the funder.


  • Identify/research constituents
  • Donor tracking
  • Gift acceptance policy
  • Marketing plan
  • Calendar of activities (events, solicitations, etc.)
  • Volunteer committees and job descriptions

Development Plans

Development plans act as a roadmap for your non-profit to reach its financial (and other) goals. I help guide the creation of a robust and realistic plan that has vision and continuity, and engages and revitalizes your entire organization. Through a thorough assessment and evaluation of your current funding sources, needs and infrastructure, I can produce a plan tailored to your specific organization that will serve you today and into the future.

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You need a development plan if …

… your organization lacks a “culture of philanthropy,” meaning a fully-integrated, company-wide understanding that every single person they come in contact with represents a potential donor.

You need a development plan if …

… you need to raise money for your organization but have no idea how to go about it. Or, there are tactics and strategies in place but they do not have the potential to raise the amount you need.
You need a development plan if …

… your donor base is dwindling and you have few prospects to replace them. Or, you have prospects but you need to vet them to determine their capacity to give, their interests, and how you need to reach them.

You need a development plan if …

… you already have one but it’s outlived its usefulness. Or, your organization doesn’t have one at all. Or, you have one, but it only exists in a few people’s brains and is not written down, communicated, or coordinated.

You need a development plan if …

… you have volunteers but don’t have engaging work to give them. Or, you need volunteers but you’re not sure where to get them or how to treat them so they want to come back.
If you’ve discovered you need a development plan …

… I can help you build a plan tailored to YOUR organization – not cookie-cutter – that is borne of your needs and distinct situation. The plan you will end up with will be totally recognizable because it will be YOUR organization’s observations, experiences, needs and wants, that drive the plan – not someone else’s prescribed idea of what you should do. 


Sessions offered

  • Grant Writing Fundamentals
  • Development Plans for the non-Grant-Ready
  • Understanding the Logic Model
  • Researching Funder Prospects
  • Get ready! Get GRANT ready!
  • The relationship between Grant Professionals and the non-profit Board

Teaching & Training

If you ever wished there was a personalized, private, custom class or workshop designed specifically for you or your non-profit’s needs and schedule, I have just the thing for you. I offer tailored workshops for your organization, or for individuals looking to deepen their knowledge. Sessions are offered in-person or online, in group or private settings.

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We Can Help!

Grant Writing Fundamentals

An all-inclusive introductory course covers the basics, or a full-day session lets you arrive with a need for grant funding, and leave with a full proposal! Samples of successful proposals and other helpful take-aways provided. Read More…

Development plans for the non-grant-ready


A hands-on, step-by-step guide covering every aspect of a non-profit’s roadmap for success. Carolyn personally steers your non-profit through every phase of building a plan with buy-in from all stakeholders. Read More…

Understanding the Logic Model


This program planning tool is vital not only for some funders’ applications, but for all your non-profit’s programs, present and future. Bring a program idea to run through the Logic Model process and take away a fully vetted program. Read More…

Researching Funder Prospects


Finding well-aligned grants is a major piece of a successful grants program for any non-profit. Learn where to look for a great match, and what to look for when you find them. Read More…

Get ready! Get GRANT ready!


If your non-profit is not ready to start a grants program — or if you’re not sure what comes first, second, third in applying for a grant — Get Ready! We offer time-saving tips and steps to submitting a strong grant proposal. Read More…

The relationship between Grant Professionals and the non-profit Board

Grant pros and non-profit boards can help each other; they can open doors to possibilities that neither can accomplish single-handedly. Learn the right way — and the wrong way — to work together towards a common goal. Read More…

Upcoming Presentations:

July 14, 2021

“The Logic Model: A Grant Writer’s #1 Tool for Program Fundability

Event: Thompson Grants webinar

Venue: virtual

July 23, 2021

“Beating the Grant Budget Blues”

Event: South Florida GPA Chapter conference

Venue: virtual

July 27, 2021

“Effective Communications Between Grants and Development”

Event: Independent Colleges Advancement Associates conference

Venue: virtual

Oct. 20, 2021

“The Case Statement and the Grants Calendar: Essential Tools for the Grant Writer”

Event: Thompson Grants webinar

Venue: virtual

Coming Soon

The Cost of Doing Business:
Does Your Budget Tell Funders the Whole Story?
Event: Grant Professional Association Annual Conference

Venue: Seattle and virtual

E-Learn course, 5 Modules:
- Budgets as Storytelling

- Budgets and Balancing Your program
- Solving the In-Kind Mystery
- Budget Narratives
- Grant Budgets and your CFO
Event: Thompson Grants webinars
Venue: virtual

Recent Trainings

April 29, 2021
“Grant Writing Basics” (morning session)
Grant Professionals Association Regional conference

April 14, 2021
“Practical Skills in Prospect Research”
Event: Thompson Grants webinar

March 9, 2021
“Effective Communication with Funders”
Association of Fundraising Professionals Central Ohio chapter meeting

Feedback: “  … a lot of helpful content – I learned a lot.” “very insightful … such important information …” “ … I loved your presentation! … I was actually laughing out loud watching your role playing … seriously, your session was informative with great takeaways …”

January 20, 2021, 2 pm and 6 pm
Clinton County Foundation grant training
Event: webinar specific to CCF LEGACY Fund 

January 19, 2021, 1pm
“Pre-Award Grant Readiness”
Event: Thompson Grants CPE-accredited webinar

November 6, 2020
“The Theory of Evolution: Planning for Growth and Sustainability in your Consulting Business”
Event: Grant Professionals Association national conference

August 26, 2020
“Practical Skills in Prospect Research”
Event: Thompson Grants webinar series

June 16, 2020
“Grants in the Age of Coronavirus”
Event: Central Ohio AFP webinar

June 11, 2020
”Grant Readiness for the Non-profit”

Event: AFP Springfield chapter meeting

June 2, 2020
“Prospect Research”
Event: GPA Miami Valley chapter meeting

May 13, 2020
“Protecting Your Time: A Consultant’s Strategy for the Non-Grant-Ready”
Event: Grant Professionals Association webinar

March 4, 2020
“The Logic Model: a hands-on interactive exploration”
Event: OSU Nonprofit Immersion class

February 19, 2020
“Prospect Research: a hands-on interactive exploration”
Event: OSU Nonprofit Immersion class

November 8, 2019
(Carolyn’s 3rd conference training)
“The Theory of Evolution: Planning for Growth and Sustainability in Your Consulting Business”
(in partnership with Scot Scala, GPC and Lisa Sihvonen-Binder)

Event: Grant Professionals Association Annual conference

August 8, 2019
“Building Your Consulting Business: What to Consider (if you aren’t a consultant) & How to Make it Grow (if you are!)”
Event: Grant Professionals Association Central Ohio chapter meeting

Feedback: “Carolyn nailed it! … Carolyn’s presentation style was fantastic. She did a great job teaching an important topic … very good presentation, humor, great examples … Carolyn is always an engaging speaker! … Great presentation by Carolyn … Informative … very helpful … great content … good timing and pace … just fun to listen to … information was relevant even to those working for an agency … love the way she made connections of how she personally evolved. “

Carolyn has held other trainings for:
  • Ohio State University Nonprofit Immersion Program students
  • Indiana University / Purdue students
  • Ohio Educational Council OSTs and after-school professionals (OTAGS conferences)
  • Americorps/VISTA volunteers
  • I Know I Can volunteers
  • ServeOhio leadership and volunteers
What people are saying about Carolyn’s presentations:

“…engaging, informative and helpful June 11th presentation! FUNDRAISING READINESS was a popular topic and you were awesome! Thanks for all you do!”
Linda G. Butler
GSAFP Board President

“Your presentation was very well received by attendees. The information in your presentation, hands-on experiences, and additional reference material you provided were both fascinating and timely. “
Michaela Taylor
Director of Student Support
Educational Council

“Carolyn offered a look at Grant Writing 101 which was both basic but in depth. I really appreciated Carolyn's ability to take a complex conversation and break it down in a way that was understood by all. Thanks Carolyn!”
Lynne M. Wise
AmeriCorps Coordinator
American Red Cross

Carolyn presented at LifeCare Alliance for Community Shares of Central Ohio on Grant Readiness

Carolyn led a table discussion on Diversity & Inclusion for Association of Fundraising Professionals Central Ohio chapter at The King Arts Complex

Carolyn was part of a panel discussing grants for the arts in Central Ohio, held at Wild Goose Creative

As one of 4 of her Grant Professional Association chapter’s “GPC Ambassadors” (Grant Professional Certified), Carolyn co-presented with Sue Green, GPC (right) to fellow chapter members at Alvis on the merits of becoming certified.  Her other Ambassadors are Susan Kim Jones, GPC (left), and Kathy Hatfield, GPC (center).