Grants Readiness Assessment Checklist – Click Here to Access

The Grant Readiness Assessment process is of the utmost importance for all organizations seeking grants, or pursuing any form of fundraising. My tool provides a concise checklist that, when completed, ensures a non-profit can respond quickly and effectively to an RFP or other funding opportunity. Is your organization grant-ready?

Funder Call Script Outline – Click Here to Access

The relationship between an organization and a foundation can start with a single phone call or email, and burgeon into a long and successful partnership. Take the opportunity to make that first contact count with thoughtful research and prepared questions. Then, LISTEN! And take good notes. My sample script offers a framework for that all-important call.

OANO Self-Assessment Checklist for Non-Profits – Click Here to Access

The Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations built this self-assessment checklist to help new (and established) non-profits gauge the best practices standards within their organizations. They also offer their OANO members support in the form of Standards for Excellence resource packets for their internal use. All non-profits should check it out! Following best practices helps grant fundability!

Thumbnail Sketch of a Development Plan – Click Here to Access

The attached article is an outline of what it takes to form a robust Development Plan that will deliver what you need. I can help guide your organization towards a customized Plan for your organization, but I won’t do it alone. I use my proven curriculum to guide your board and volunteers toward an understanding and appreciation of the principles of fundraising and development – and each step and stage of your Development Plan. Read more here.