Prepared to be amazed!

I know how incredible I’m going to feel on Sunday afternoon. I get to see the full production of BalletMet’s “Dorothy and the Prince of Oz,” with full set, lighting, music, costumes, and most importantly – dancers!
How do I know how great it will be?

Because I attended an open rehearsal. BalletMet invited guests to see rehearsal of a scene with three principal dancers, and I was brought to tears as Dorothy danced with the dead Prince’s “soul.” As counterpoint to that, we saw a VERY EXCITING battle scene. Tons of dancers and loads of drama, and I was fascinated by the Julie Taymor-like animals!

I thought I knew all there was to know about the Land of Oz, but believe me, there’s much more to it, thanks to Frank Baum’s imagination and writing. “Dorothy and the Prince of Oz” brings one of his books to life in such dramatic fashion, I can’t wait for Sunday. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know how it went. Or better yet, get tickets and go see for yourself! I couldn’t POSSIBLY explain it enough to do it justice!
Loving the arts in Central Ohio, yo!

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