Leveraging available resources

I have never been rich, but I have been poor. At one point in my adult life, I had five cents to my name. Fortunately I was naive and in my twenties and thought anything was possible. I survived that low financial point in my life but have never been able to say I was “rich” either.

Part of the reason I have survived — and thrived — even though I mostly live paycheck to paycheck, is that I use available resources. Businesses, families — and non-profits can all benefit from using available resources. It’s part of being “green,” but it’s also part of being smart. I admire programs that use volunteer labor, local goods and services, and leverage available resources to build a win-win return.

One of those programs is the Connect2Complete program of the Ohio Campus Compact, which uses VISTA volunteer labor to make a positive impact on whole communities. Another clever use of resources is OCC’s Pay It Forward program, which develops volunteerism in young people, strengthens communities, and improves student learning, with a minimum investment of cash.

Very clever programs that return maximum impact.

I just got back from the doctor’s, where I dropped $165 on lab work. A real hit to the weekly budget. But you know what? Easter’s around the corner, so eggs are on sale. We’ll be eating eggs for a while. You adjust, get creative, and you dig out. We should all be as creative as they are at Ohio Campus Compact – they’ve taught me a lot. I am happy to have them as a client!

What programs do you know of that make clever use of resources?

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