It’s OK Not to be A+ Perfect.

I attended an AFP webinar on EQ, presented by my chapter President Kay Wilson, and it rang a lot of bells for me. I think I hide my emotions, but they do come out, whether through my facial expression or body language. Kay’s point was that I should take the opportunity to acknowledge my feelings (good, bad, celebratory or frustrating) and work with them, not against them.

Earlier in the week, I was at the dentist, and learned my dental hygienist lost her mother to COVID. She was sad at my appointment, but she said she spares her teenage sons from her pain. I didn’t know how to express it, but Kay said it best when she said you should give others the opportunity to see you vulnerable and show empathy. For my hygienist’s sons, if she shared her sadness with them, it would be an opportunity to learn their mom is not always Super-Mom, and to support her when she’s not at her best. That lesson would teach them it’s OK for them to not be A+ perfect, too. I think the world would be a better place if we all worked on our EQ, Kay!


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