In it for the long haul

The world as we know it has changed so dramatically, I hardly recognize it anymore. My skin crawls every time I walk into the grocery store. I cringe when I think about picking up the delivery that just arrived. Did you hear the governor outlawed alcohol? I nearly fainted.

Hopefully it’s just a nasty rumor.

One thing that hasn’t changed is people’s creativity. So many businesses and non-profits have taken up the challenge and are delivering (some literally) services in a novel way to keep their audiences engaged, entertained, fed, schooled, and etc. So many organizations I thought for sure would be folding up their tents by this point are instead reinventing themselves and making a name for themselves as game-changers and revolutionaries!

And in many (most?) cases, they are doing it with a twist: they are highlighting the appreciation they owe their customers, their public, and the medical profession and all those heroes of the day who are toiling in the face of danger to make us safer.

The human spirit is not to be trifled with! To all the businesses and non-profits, large and small, thanks for all you do to make the long haul a little easier to bear.

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