Identifying Leaders

Today I have the extreme pleasure of writing a letter of recommendation supporting a fellow GPA (Grant Professionals Association) member’s nomination to an Executive Committee role in our chapter.

This new colleague has demonstrated leadership qualities from the start — she brings her brains, engagement and experience to the table without a trace of arrogance. She attends meetings not as a passive on-looker, but as an active participant eager to get the most out of the conversation. She shows up to the game, ready to play. Everyone has the capacity to come away a winner. She questions the status quo, which means she has thought about it critically. This is a person I want in a leadership role in my organization. Someone who will vie for the best interests of the group and constantly be challenging herself and others for a better way to do things. I enthusiastically endorse these traits, traits I tried to emulate during my tenure as VP and then President of that chapter. I am honored I was asked to give my endorsement. Thank you!

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