Did You Make The List?

Did you make the list?

CauseArtist named 32 Nonprofit Leaders Who Will Impact the World in 2021. https://causeartist.com/nonprofit-leaders-who-will-impact-the-world-2021/ I love the way these nonprofit pros are developing solutions that answer so many needs simultaneously. So clever.

These young leaders are doing such game-changing initiatives as:

⦁ Building tech so incarcerated people can connect with family and engage in virtual learning, reducing recidivism
⦁ Advancing global workforce inclusivity, women’s wellbeing, and cultural preservation through a new handworker economy
⦁ Adding creativity and heart to the Diversity and Inclusion conversation with a company of dancers with and without disabilities
⦁ Representing minorities and millennials in America’s policymaking that removes obstacles to success
⦁ Going global with business-social entrepreneur mentorship match-ups
⦁ Dealing with disasters in resilient ways
⦁ Tying physical and mental health to inner city youth outcomes and empower them to reclaim their futures
⦁ Distributing products from socially responsible companies in purposeful ways
⦁ Ending violent extremism by eradicating poverty in unstable and vulnerable regions of the world
⦁ Fighting for justice for women, children, workers, Latinos/as and immigrants
⦁ Capitalizing Black/Brown women-identifying entrepreneurs
⦁ Teaming up veterans and marine conservationists to conserve, preserve, and protect our oceans and provide “mission therapy” to our Special Ops vets
⦁ Using the courts to protect our environment and people’s health
⦁ Mitigating the impacts of economic inequality for students experiencing poverty with youth-led programming
⦁ Building media for girls that they want, trust, and need, and positive impact media empowering youth to sustainable action
⦁ Solving community problems with a focus on foundational, media, and financial literacy
…and so many more ground-breaking, imaginative, enlightened ideas to solve society’s problems. They remind me of the Parkland high school students speaking at rallies around the country, showing such intense maturity and bravery in the fight for what’s right and just.

Yes, these amazing leaders have degrees and awards and fellowships and honors out the wazoo, but I love the seamless way they think, and the radical ways they leverage resources to do so much with just a little.

If you didn’t make this list, maybe we’ll read about you in 2022? It’s something we should all strive for!

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