From The Files

Hi Carolyn: We sent a grant application to the ___ fund.  I reached out by phone ahead that we would be sending an application.  No return call. The information showed that the first contact would … Read More

2021 Welcome

We had an election. The American people – a record number of them — have spoken. The results are in and now we have expectations of what our new leader will do for us. A … Read More

The Importance of The Feasibility Study

Your organization has outgrown its current headquarters. They have plans to build, buy, and/or renovate a bigger, better, newer building to house the agency. A few movers and shakers in the community have expressed interest … Read More

What’s “free” isn’t really “free”

Many professional associations and some fundraising consultancies have been offering free professional development during the current public health crisis. For that, we should all be grateful. There’s been a lot to learn about how to … Read More

Upcoming webinar

If you are a small non-profit, and you think that grants are all you need to fund your organization, then my upcoming webinar is not for you. What I can tell you is to look … Read More

In it for the long haul

The world as we know it has changed so dramatically, I hardly recognize it anymore. My skin crawls every time I walk into the grocery store. I cringe when I think about picking up the … Read More

Grants management: outsource, or in-house?

I was asked recently whether I would handle grants management as part of my functions as a grants consultant. I have always shied away from taking part in this (essential but distinct) aspect of grants … Read More

Firing on All Cylinders

If you’ve ever had the feeling when all the cylinders were firing, all the pieces were falling into place, and all the right people were JUST where you needed them to be RIGHT when you … Read More