Getting Invited to the Party

One of the grant opportunities I added to my monthly Funding Opportunities in the Arts resource accepts applications BY INVITATION ONLY. What does that mean? And, more importantly, how can I get invited? When a … Read More

Sleuthing for Clues to their Coffers

One of the funders I have identified this month accepts applications quarterly, on a rolling basis. What does that mean, and how can it work for or against you as you apply to that funder? … Read More


How the Team with STEAM can win STEM is the buzz word these days, it’s on everyone’s lips, it’s being touted as the salvation for our educational system, and it seems like every funder wants … Read More

When deadlines loom, take cover!

Between my journalism background and my theatre background, I have a pretty healthy respect for The Deadline. You miss your print deadline, your article doesn’t make it in the paper. You miss your light cue, … Read More

Find the pope in the pizza

Do you think Father Guido Sarducci could find the grant writer at a planned giving conference? Look around — it’s me! I am a card-carrying lifelong learner, in attendance at presentations on donor relations, board … Read More

Hungry for professional development?

Just returned from Portland, Oregon, where I attended the Grant Professionals Association national conference. I made lots of new friends and attended loads of great workshops. But I reached a crossroads early on in the … Read More

When fundraising becomes theatre

We as fundraisers need to be not just thick-skinned when it comes to rejection, but gracious. Demonstrating grace in the face of rejection — instead of scorn — is a stage of maturity that comes … Read More

Identifying Leaders

Today I have the extreme pleasure of writing a letter of recommendation supporting a fellow GPA (Grant Professionals Association) member’s nomination to an Executive Committee role in our chapter.