Women’s History Month

Snaps to Georgia-Pacific for recognizing that Strength Has No Gender, and that there’s “tough” women out there everywhere, doing what they do, without recognition or getting their images on paper towel packaging. Many of those … Read More

Ready for anything!

Planning for the year ahead 2017 will bring lots of opportunities for me – among them, as President of the Central Ohio chapter of Association of Fundraising Professionals. Our chapter is over 350 members strong, … Read More

Hurry Up and Wait!

The rationale behind all those deadlines – As if this weren’t a busy time of year already, there’s also a slew of grant deadlines! New grants added to the Nov/Dec edition of my Funding Opportunities … Read More

Getting Invited to the Party

One of the grant opportunities I added to my monthly Funding Opportunities in the Arts resource accepts applications BY INVITATION ONLY. What does that mean? And, more importantly, how can I get invited? When a … Read More

Sleuthing for Clues to their Coffers

One of the funders I have identified this month accepts applications quarterly, on a rolling basis. What does that mean, and how can it work for or against you as you apply to that funder? … Read More

An arts leader teaches us about balance

Columbus, Ohio recently lost a venerated leader in our arts community. Denny Griffith had been President of Columbus College of Art & Design for 16 years. But he was also a prolific artist. What I … Read More


How the Team with STEAM can win STEM is the buzz word these days, it’s on everyone’s lips, it’s being touted as the salvation for our educational system, and it seems like every funder wants … Read More