Columbus, OHIO, August 19, 2016  –   Carolyn Caldwell has obtained the Grant Professional Certification and completed the requirements of the Grant Professionals Certification Institute to work as a GPC practitioner. Ms. Caldwell’s interest in professional certification has shown that she is conscientious, enterprising, and cares about maintaining high standards in the grants profession.

The Grant Professional Certification (GPC) is designed to identify individuals with broad-based knowledge and real-world experience in the field of grantsmanship. The GPC provides widely recognized affirmation of the GPC practitioner as a person of integrity who broad interest is in building social capital, and helping guide less knowledgeable stakeholders to become truly professional and altruistic practitioners.

Grant Professionals Certification Institute President Bonnie Houk sent Ms. Caldwell “…sincerest congratulations for being a trailblazer within our profession. Your willingness to seek credentialing is a testament to your dedication to our work.  We applaud and appreciate you! “

Of her recent achievement, Ms. Caldwell stated, “The investment I have made in my professional development, and the time and care I take with my nonprofit clients, is reflected in my GPC designation. I am truly honored to have earned the GPC; it sets me apart within the grants industry, and shows the nonprofit world that my professionalism, integrity, understanding, and skill level in grants is of a high level.”

Incorporated in 2004 as a nonprofit affiliate of the Grant Professionals Association (GPA; formerly the American Association of Grant Professionals), the Grant Professionals Certification Institute (GPCI) is dedicated to promoting competency and ethical practices within the field of grantsmanship.

GPCI works to identify grant professionals who display outstanding expertise and ethical practices. This expertise is identified though the core competencies and skills that define the standards of knowledge and practice for our field. The standards are balanced between those working in government and in private sectors, and between the demands upon institutional, smaller nonprofit, ad consultant practitioners. The Grant Professional Certification (GPC) is designed to identify individuals with broad-based knowledge and real-world experience in the field of grantsmanship.

The Grant Professional Certification (GPC) exam reflects these standards. The GPCI board contracted with the Institute for Instructional Research and Practice (IIRP) at the University of South Florida to develop the examinations for the GPC and establish protocols for necessary, periodic review of items, as prescribed by national psychometric standards. The IIRP worked with subject matter experts nationwide over two years to create this instrument to measure grantsmanship skills following measurement industry standards designed to ensure psychometric soundness, including validity and reliability.

GPC candidates qualify based on their acceptance of ethical standards, commitment to constituents, and competence in the fundamentals of grantsmanship. Earning the GPC endows the practitioner with a nationally recognized credential of expertise as a grant professional. Continued identification and subsequent certification maintenance of qualified grant professionals fulfills GPCI’s vision of excellence and accountability in grantsmanship.

Carolyn Caldwell, GPC, is Principal of Raising Awareness, Raising Funds, LLC, a grant writing and special event consulting firm based in Columbus, Ohio serving the nonprofit industry. For more information, contact Carolyn Caldwell, GPC, at

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