Steps to grant success: a series, Part 5

HIGH OUTPUT, LOW STRESS Writing a grant application? Great! Have multiple proposals due in a very short period of time? Great! — but frantic! Today I am sharing a strategy to mitigate the stress of … Read More

Steps to grant success: a series, Part 3

The first contact with a new funder You’ve done your research and found the perfect prospect for your non-profit’s next grant application. At a minimum, you have: reviewed the funder’s 990 thoroughly you know their … Read More

Steps to grant success: a series, Part 2

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The 990: tax form or goldmine? Today’s installment of Steps to grant success is about the oft-overlooked, but worth your time, IRS Form 990. All private foundations must submit a Form 990 to the IRS … Read More

Steps to grant success: a series

There are more than a few ways to improve your agency’s or non-profit’s grant success. Today I am going to address a few of the first few ways to “scrub” a funder prospect to determine … Read More

Wearing too many hats?

The other day I chatted with the Executive Director of a small non-profit. She admitted she was wearing a lot of hats, but was finding she was not cultivating donors nearly as much as she … Read More

Prepared to be amazed!

I know how incredible I’m going to feel on Sunday afternoon. I get to see the full production of BalletMet’s “Dorothy and the Prince of Oz,” with full set, lighting, music, costumes, and most importantly … Read More

Why the hiatus?

One year ago I was trucking along, serving my clients, fresh off the win of my GPC (Grant Professional Certified) designation. I had my AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals) chapter presidency to look forward to. … Read More