Steps to grant success: a series, Part 5

HIGH OUTPUT, LOW STRESS Writing a grant application? Great! Have multiple proposals due in a very short period of time? Great! — but frantic! Today I am sharing a strategy to mitigate the stress of … Read More

Steps to grant success: a series, Part 3

The first contact with a new funder You’ve done your research and found the perfect prospect for your non-profit’s next grant application. At a minimum, you have: reviewed the funder’s 990 thoroughly you know their … Read More

Steps to grant success: a series, Part 2

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The 990: tax form or goldmine? Today’s installment of Steps to grant success is about the oft-overlooked, but worth your time, IRS Form 990. All private foundations must submit a Form 990 to the IRS … Read More

Steps to grant success: a series

There are more than a few ways to improve your agency’s or non-profit’s grant success. Today I am going to address a few of the first few ways to “scrub” a funder prospect to determine … Read More

Wearing too many hats?

The other day I chatted with the Executive Director of a small non-profit. She admitted she was wearing a lot of hats, but was finding she was not cultivating donors nearly as much as she … Read More

Prepared to be amazed!

I know how incredible I’m going to feel on Sunday afternoon. I get to see the full production of BalletMet’s “Dorothy and the Prince of Oz,” with full set, lighting, music, costumes, and most importantly … Read More

Why the hiatus?

One year ago I was trucking along, serving my clients, fresh off the win of my GPC (Grant Professional Certified) designation. I had my AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals) chapter presidency to look forward to. … Read More

Caldwell Speaks at Central Ohio AFP

Carolyn Caldwell, GPC, shared what it takes to become a Fundraising Consultant with the crowd at the Central Ohio AFP Education Session on April 11, 2017. The panel held a frank discussion on what led … Read More

Women’s History Month

Snaps to Georgia-Pacific for recognizing that Strength Has No Gender, and that there’s “tough” women out there everywhere, doing what they do, without recognition or getting their images on paper towel packaging. Many of those … Read More