Beating the Grant Budget Blues

Grant budgets are a pain point for many grant professionals, and their finance counterpoints. In “Beating the Grant Budget Blues” we look at what makes them different from the other budgets your finance team produces, why they need special care and feeding, and why you should NOT leave them for last! We look at general operating budgets vs. program budgets, foundation vs. federal budgets, indirect costs and the indirect cost rate. I explain in easy-to-understand terms exactly what an in-kind donation is, and how to account for in-kind donations in your grant budget. We look at how to leverage your budget narrative to strengthen your proposal, and how to work with your finance team to get the budget you need for your application.

Tailor-made for the small or medium-sized non-profit’s development staff or grants team. Call 614.218.5440 for pricing and to schedule your private in-person session.

Students learn:

  • the fascinating story your budget can and should tell,
  • how to see all your program costs so you’re not leaving money on the table,
  • how to unlock the mystery of the “in-kind” income and expense,
  • how to use your budget narrative to unravel what the numbers are trying to tell, and
  • how to work with your CFO to get the numbers you need!