Ready for anything!

Planning for the year ahead

2017 will bring lots of opportunities for me – among them, as President of the Central Ohio chapter of Association of Fundraising Professionals. Our chapter is over 350 members strong, the board is top-notch, and we begin the year with a renewed focus, driven by member feedback and guided by a new Strategic Plan. I look forward to my key leadership role as our chapter moves through an exciting year full of change.

As always, there will be multiple opportunities for professional development and networking. A timely addition to the calendar will be Advocacy Day, scheduled for shortly after our new legislators take office. It’s an opportunity for us development professionals to think about what policies are in place that we like, and work to ensure they stay that way. And if there’s a policy we don’t like, it’s our chance to make our voices heard and let our lawmakers know why it doesn’t work.

The year will be bookended by National Philanthropy Day in late November. NPD celebrates philanthropy in Central Ohio, and honors foundations and individuals donors who have made our region great through their charitable giving. NPD is a sell-out event, with 700 in attendance. There is much preparation for the Day throughout the year, starting with nominations for the multiple award categories. Nominating a special person or group is a great way to show your gratitude for their generosity.

My calendar will be full this year with committee meetings, board meetings, conference calls, a little travel, and best of all – professional development! Our first education session is next week, and the topic is Trends in Philanthropy. Will I see you there?

I hope so!

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