Is it time to hire an architect?

I am in the middle of a whole-house renovation. It’s a long, painful process, but we know the end result will be worth it. Why? Because we chose to use an architect when it mattered … Read More

When fundraising becomes theatre

We as fundraisers need to be not just thick-skinned when it comes to rejection, but gracious. Demonstrating grace in the face of rejection — instead of scorn — is a stage of maturity that comes … Read More

Identifying Leaders

Today I have the extreme pleasure of writing a letter of recommendation supporting a fellow GPA (Grant Professionals Association) member’s nomination to an Executive Committee role in our chapter.

The gift of professional development

I know what I am getting for Christmas. I’ve already given myself this great gift. In the past few weeks, I have indulged myself in education around fundraising, thanks to the gift I give myself … Read More

Leveraging available resources

I have never been rich, but I have been poor. At one point in my adult life, I had five cents to my name. Fortunately I was naive and in my twenties and thought anything … Read More

What are the best contingency-based fundraising firms?

Fundraising on a contingency basis is not considered ethical. I refer you to the Association of Fundraising Professionals Code of Ethical Standards at Grant Professional Association’s Ethics Statement echoes their sentiment — see … Read More